What Bima means

The word "bima" is derived from the Sanskrit word "bhikshma," which means "protection." It was originally used to refer to a form of protection provided by ancient Hindu temples, in which travelers and pilgrims were offered shelter and assistance during their journeys.

The concept of bima was later adopted and developed by Islamic scholars, who used the term to refer to insurance in its modern sense. In the Islamic tradition, insurance is seen as a way to protect against financial loss and to provide financial security for individuals and families.

The word "bima" is now used in many different languages, including Arabic, Indonesian, and Malay, to refer to insurance. It is also used in some other countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where it has become an important part of the financial landscape.

Overall, the word "bima" has a long and rich history, and is now an important term in the field of insurance. It reflects the concept of protection and financial security that is at the heart of the insurance industry