What is Bima?

Bima is a registered trademark in the Sultanate of Oman in both Arabic and English owned by Insurance House LLC.

Is Bima Platform licensed to operate in the Sultanate of Oman?

Yes, Bima Platform is licensed to operate by the Capital Market Authority to operate as an insurance broker under the name “Insurance House LLC”.

How does Bima operate?

Bima is designed to make market prices available to customers, enabling them to compare insurance companies’ offers in a clear and easy manner. It also enables visitors to choose the suitable insurance solution and to pay online.

What are the official working hours of Bima?

Bima operates 24/7 to provide the following services:

  • Quotations of various insurance companies.
  • Receive insurance amount of the chosen insurance plan.
Customer Service processes applications from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

How long does it take to issue an insurance policy?

Policy issuance normally takes 15 minutes to an hour, but it could take more, especially if insurance procedures are made outside working hours of insurance companies and required additional approvals. Occasionally, the high traffic at Bima causes longer waiting periods.

When does insurance coverage take effect?

When a customer pays the insurance amount to Bima, such customer had submitted an insurance application as agreed and according to the chosen offer. For confirmation: the customer shall not be entitled to any insurance coverage until insurance policy is issued. If vehicle is used before insurance policy is issued, you will be held accountable if the previous insurance had expired.

How does the platform work?

After a customer electronically pays the insurance amount, such customer will be asked to send his/her documents (Driving License and Vehicle Proof of Ownership) via the Website, phone or WhatsApp as s\he wishes. The customer may be required to send recent photos for the vehicle covering four sides and a photo for odometer reading, if required by the insurance company s/he selected and as per chosen insurance type.
Once a customer sends the necessary documents, Customer Service Officer, working at the platform, will issue an insurance policy after verifying data received.

Is the customer entitled to refund?

Customers can ask for a refund of the paid amount through a phone call, WhatsApp message or via email.

  • If we reviewed customer's request before the policy is issued, we will refund the amount in full.
  • If the policy was issued before reviewing customer’s request, we will refund the amount, less the charge imposed by the insurance company against cancellation.
  • If a refund request was due to negligence or default caused by Bima but did not result in insurance claims, the paid amount will be refunded in full regardless of cancellation time.

Is the paid amount a final payment?

  • We always seek to obtain more discounts for customers, and in many cases, we get further discounts for customers.
  • If we succeed to obtain additional discount, we will return the difference between the value of the issued policy and the amount paid to the customer in the form of a cash coupon that can be used later for any purchase from Bima.
  • Some insurance companies do not calculate the value of the orange paper (2 Omani Rials) within the value of the policy. If it has not been paid, Bima will add such value to the total value.
  • If the amount paid does not cover the insurance value due to a fault caused by Bima, Bima will pay the difference to the customer up to 10% of the insurance value. If the difference is greater, the customer has the option to pay the difference or recover the paid amount.
  • If the amount paid does not cover the insurance value due to a customer fault, such as but not limited to, choosing wrong number of passengers, an electronic message will be sent to the customer to pay the remaining amount. Doing so may result in some delay.

What are the consequences if the customer entered wrong information?

  • The insured may not be able to receive insurance benefits, if it appears that the insured intentionally entered false information, to change insurance value or obtain insurance.
  • Bima may take the necessary actions if the customer falsified his/her data or vehicle documents, or knowingly reported any false information to obtain insurance coverage.
  • It is important to review the insurance application published on the website before payment to ensure correctness of information for safe insurance coverage.

Why Bima prices are more expensive?

  • Bima provides the most affordable market prices compared to insurance companies it works with. Some companies sometimes provide slightly cheaper prices.
  • Sometimes the offer provided by Bima is different from the compared offer, so it seems more expensive.
  • However, generally, insurance companies set Bima prices and Bima is not entitled to overcharge the customer to gain additional profits, as doing so violates the Law.

How do I choose the best insurance solution?

  • Do not seek cheaper insurance, as there are insurance offers that include features not included in lower offers. Compare the offers by yourself and choose the best for you.
  • Insurance companies vary and provide different solutions, some of which are executed in a short time upon request, and others include distinctive offers for specific categories. Choosing the most suitable insurance company will protect you in case of accidents, Allah forbid.

How do I submit my comments on Bima ?

  • You can contact us via e-mail: info@bima.om
  • Or via @Bima_oman on social networks.
  • Or call the Office on: 24121010 (during official working hours).